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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

DIY Painted Vases Tutorial: Part I

Well I got this idea from Pinterest! I love that place to death! You can ask my husband how well I have conversations when I'm looking at it to prove that. Haha. I saw these on there and decided "I can do that!" I bought 6 vases from Dollar Tree in Spanish Fork. I bought the paint and brushes from Michael's in Orem. 

1. Wash vases with hot soapy water and peel the stickers off the bottom. DRY COMPLETELY!
Protect your surface from paint splashes and for when you turn them upside down to dry.

 2. Here's my paint. I used Martha Stewart craft paint (satin finish) in "pool" and "green curry." I also bought gesso (primer) but didn't end up using it. I'll keep it for another project.

3. Put a blob of paint in the bottom of the vase. Start painting! I'm going to apply 2 coats, so with this one I just covered it all up and made sure I didn't miss a spot.

4.  Once you paint all of one color, rinse the brush and start the next one. ( I had two brushes so I used different ones and had the first one soaking in a cup).

5. Put the vases upside down on the plastic (or paper towel or newspaper... whatever you used to cover the table), to dry and let any excess paint drip out.

I'm going to wait until tomorrow evening to paint the second coat, just to be safe that they are completely dry. I just love these colors!!! They'll look great in our new living room (when we move) and after I finish the new pillows I'm making!! I'll keep you updated on the progress of my vases.

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