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Friday, December 13, 2013

I Bid You Farewell (Blogger)

I have decided to use WordPress to write my blog from now on. There isn't anything wrong with Blogger. I just had some weird computer glitches or something so thing didn't work like they used to and I had no idea how to fix it. So I made the move to I was able to import my post from here to there so I will still have all my current posts. (Thank goodness it worked!) I'm not closing this blog here but it will be redirected to my WordPress site if you happen to mix it up.forget I moved. I hope you all continue reading!

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Eight Months

This week Bug turns 8 months old. The super crazy thing about this is that he is now as old on the outside as he was on the inside. 16 months ago i found out I was going to be a mother. So far the last 8 months have been worth the uncomfortable times during the first 8 months. He is such an amazing little baby and brings so much joy to our family.

Eating carrots. We don't eat them very much because this is what happens every time.

Here are 8 things about Bug at 8 months:

  1. He has 2 bottom teeth. :) Now when he smiles you get these little white stubs poking through. I just love to see them!
  2. Bug stopped eating oatmeal a few weeks ago. No matter what I tried he wouldn't eat it. I bought some whole grain cereal and thankfully he likes that!
  3. Over Thanksgiving, he ate "real" food. He has sweet potatoes, turkey, corn, and rolls. I tried to give him mashed potatoes but he hated them! What kid hates mashed potatoes?!?!
  4. He tries so hard to crawl or even army crawl but he just can't quite get it. He'll get really frustrated and roll over. One day he wanted to be closer to our TV so he just rolled and rolled all the way over to it. Once he got there he turned and stuck his little feet up on the table and watched Saved by the Bell with his feet up in the air. I was dying.
  5. Bug is a jumping/bouncing machine! We have a Baby Einstein bouncing gym thing and he will sit in there and bounce for over 30 minutes at a time. Now anytime you hold him on your lap he will bounce himself and if you stop "helping" he will wiggle his little legs harder to get you to start again.
  6. He loves music. No matter what I am singing he will smile, laugh, and bounce even more. It is just adorable! 
  7. Bug talks to his toys. He used to just suck/chew on them but now he has little conversations with them. He will hold them out in front of him and babble, then get so excited and shoves them back in his mouth yo chew on them before they have a chance to respond. Haha.
  8. And last but not least, he will only cuddle with Andy. He just sits or lays with him all cuddled up and calm and I get so jealous. I guess it's just his way of bonding because I have all day with him and he probably gets sick of me. 

Hee hee! Getting caught! 

Monday, December 2, 2013

Christmas Wish List Ideas

As you know, today is Cyber Monday. I am not  huge Black Friday shopper so today I am all over the Amazon website as well as Kohl's (because who doesn't love these places?) looking for the best deals for Christmas. I compiled a list of the items I want most, hopefully Andy is reading *wink wink*

These two TV shows are hilarious! The reason they are on the list is because Netflix doesn't have the rights to them, so we get to buy them for Christmas instead.

I am a huge geek and I am honestly hoping for an external hard drive. I take a ton of pictures and have way too much music on my computer. I need a place to store it all. And this iPhone case is absolutely adorable!!!

Two perfectly kid friendly movies that will do double duty for me as a mom. My kids will love it just as much as I do, especially when I remember all the songs in Fern Gully. :)

I have one "coat." it is bright yellow and I got it in high school. I need a new one. And these boot are pretty! I have grey "lazy" boots but not a dressy pair so this would be nice as well.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Halloween & Parker Seven Months Old

For Parker's first Halloween I decided to go very simple. He was a Minion. :) I knew he would hate a hat and we already had the sunglasses and overalls. I used a plain white Gerber Onesie and dyed it yellow with Rit Dye. We only went down to Andy's parent's house because who wants to give candy to a seven month old's parents on Halloween? Not me. While we were there we spent the evening with the grandparents and Andy's brother Casey, his wife Kim, and their 13 month old Mason. Mason was dressed as Mickey Mouse. I made him some yellow TOMS (not seen in the pictures) using this pattern and tutorial from Homemade Toast. 

I loved them holding hands! It was super cute. Yes I know I'm a sappy mom. :)

Now on to Bug's Seven month old birthday.

It was actually yesterday but I am such a bad keeper-upper that I tend to be a few days late on these monthly updates.

Here are Seven things about Bug at Seven Months
  1. He definitely sits up well. (except for those few occasions like the picture below).
  2. He has figured out how to SCREAM! Not just talking but screaming. Whenever he feels like he needs more attention, or he is having the time of his life he just lets out this high pitched screech!
  3. He is cutting his first tooth at this very moment. :) and :( The poor kid (and Mommy and Daddy) are not enjoying it one bit. As soon as it breaks through I will for sure Instagram it so feel free to follow along here to stay updated.
  4. We have a jumper/play gym thing for him and he finally learned how to actually jump in it this past week. It so cute to watch him learning.
  5. He wants so desperately to crawl/move around. Whenever he is doing tummy time he just wiggles and wiggles like crazy trying to move. Most of the time I will put my hands on his feet so he can push them and move forward and he really likes to do that. He for sure has the scoot backwards thing down though.
  6. He is and has been sleeping through the night for a while now. He goes to bed around 8:30 and I hear him talking in his bed at 6:30 the next morning. Yes I know it's early but with me and Andy both having a crazy morning schedule we are all awake that early anyway.
  7. He has started waving "hello." Only to Andy but it is a faint up and down with the hand every time he comes home from school or work.

Friday, October 18, 2013

"F" is for Friday - Factober

The month of October started out pretty great. We had Parker turning 6 months old on October 4th. (I'm a little late. Read why below) YAY! My little boy is growing up so fast I can't believe my eyes. 

Photos: JCPenney

6 things about Bug at 6 months
  1. He is now sitting up very well. He does topple over if he gets distracted or sick of sitting up but he is almost a pro.
  2. While doing tummy time he will turn himself in circles. He can't go forward or backward yet but he will turn his body to see you if you are sitting behind him. It's really fun to watch, or leave the room and come back to find him facing a totally different direction than when you left.
  3. He has rolled from his tummy to back a few times but only when I am not in the room. :( He did finally get the back to tummy the other day. That was super exciting.
  4. He is now drinking just formula. I was exclusively pumping because he would never latch. My supply was getting very low anyway and due to how this week went (keep reading to find out) it just dried up in a few days from all the stress. It is a little bittersweet thinking about him not drinking milk anymore but I love the time I have now that I am not pumping anymore.
  5. He still eats a ton of solids every day. He is now up to 12 oz total. 4 for each meal. He doesn't like the taste of plain oatmeal anymore so I have to mix it with some homemade peaches. He gobbles it right up.
  6. He absolutely loves it whenI sing. It doesn't matter what I sing or how I sing it but he loves it. He   also really likes Katy Perry. :) It is really funny to see him react to when a song of hers is playing. Big smiles, waving arms, kicking legs. It is to die for. 

He was so tired he couldn't even finish his food.

Next we had my 24th birthday on the 7th. I should have realized that week was going to be horrible from the way it started Monday morning. I have a class on Monday mornings so I have to take Parker to my aunt's house. She called and told me she was sick. Bummer! Good thing my sister lives somewhat close. I asked if I could bring him over there during my class. She agreed to watch him and I headed that way. By the time I made it to class I was 20 minutes late. Normally I wouldn't have gone but, it is a 2 hour class so I didn't miss too much. Then I headed back to my sister's place to pick up my little Bug. We stayed at her house until he had his 6 month checkup. He did have to get more shots. :( Poor little guy. The rest of the day was spent trying to make everything perfect so he wouldn't just burt into tears at any second.
Tuesday actually wasn't too bad. We went out to Texas Roadhouse for dinner. Andy and I brought Parker with us so it was his first time out to eat. Didn't go horrible but like anything with a baby it was a little hectic.
Now Wednesday... Here's where the stinky-ness fun begins... My Wednesday sitter was in California so I decided I would stay home from class just this once. We had a WIC (Women, Infant, Children) appointment for Parker and me that afternoon. Once the appointment was over, as I was leaving the building and driving away, we got into a wreck with another lady. :( 

Both drivers and Parker are fine. No major injuries!!! However, our car was non-drivable. BIG BUMMER! That night I was a mess. I was worried about Parker possible being hurt, my own minor injuries, and our groceries for the week. (You see, I had planned a whole outing that afternoon to take care of our weekly errands.) Thankfully Andy's mom was in town and we took Parker to spend the evening with her at his brother's house while I called like a billion people to get things worked out with the car and went to the hospital to get me checked out. I just needed some peace of mind that I was okay. I was fine and just had to take some Ibuprofen for a few days. The rest of the week and most of this week has been consumed by many phone calls to insurance and car repair services. This is why I was a few days late on posting about Bug and I getting older. Here's to hoping the rest of the month ends well. :)

Monday, September 30, 2013

Feeling Tribal

I have had this fabric for about year now and could never decide what to make with it. Well my inspiration came when Andy got me a SERGER for my birthday!!! I am in heaven! I was trying to decide if I needed one or not for a long time. I read a lot of blogs that said "if you sew with knits get a serger." Basically all I ever do is sew with knits. On occasion I will venture into the world of more slippery fabrics but the majority is knit. I just love my serger to death. I busted out two skirts last night with it. I will write a tutorial on how to make this skirt very soon. In the meantime just enjoy the fall colors and the sweater on my legs. :)

Top: D.I., Skirt: Me (tutorial coming soon), Tights: Target, Boots: Forever Young Shoes

Monday, September 9, 2013

Birthday Wishlist

My birthday is in a month and these are the things I'm really wanting this go round. 

1. Serger
This serger is perfect for my beginning skills but it should last me while I improve them as well.
I really want one (but I know it's way out of our price range.) I just want to put it on my WISHlist. What's a WISHLIST without at least 1 totally outrageous wish right?
3. Jeans
I am a fan of American Eagle jeans. They seem to be the only brand that actually fits my body well. 
(Left to right... here, here, here, and here)
4. Leopard Print Flats 
Here are two versions. Both from Target. I can't decide if I like the full print or the black toe better.
5. Jacket
This military green jacket is from Chicwish. I love the way Merrick at Merrick's Art styles hers
(here and here)