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Saturday, May 5, 2012

HEADBOARD!!! (Bedroom Makeover: Part II)

For our wedding present my brother-in-law said he'd make us a bed. (Even though it's a year later. Haha Chris I just had to say it. :) We are very grateful and love it!!!) We now have a bed! I'm so excited for this post because I absolutely L.O.V.E. the headboard. It was inspired by Don and Betty Draper (Mad Men) and this post by Jenny Komenda at The Little Green Notebook.  I decided we could make one too! 
It was a 5 person job. My sister threaded the needles, my mother and I pushed them through the back and stapled the threads down when they were ready, and my father and brother-in-law put the buttons on the needles and pushed really really hard to get super deep tufts. 

I just followed the tutorial from Jenny's blog with a little changes of my own. We used regular plywood (that's what Chris already ha ha) and only 2 in. upholstery foam (all I could afford). Other than that we did as directed and here's how it turned out!

SO great!!! Not quite as elaborate as Don and Betty's but perfect for us!  I can't wait to finish the lamps and get an old chandelier to use as our light fixture (instead of the standard one everyone who rents gets in every room.) Thanks for reading!!! Good luck if you try the headboard thing. :)

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