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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

4th of July!

Every year on the 4th my family goes camping. We didn't really want to go with a new baby but we did take him up Hobble Creek canyon to celebrate the 4th and my mom's birthday (also the 4th.) Here is his first camping trip. Well kinda.

And Parker is 3 months old. (3.5 now cause I'm too slow at blogging.) The time flies by so fast it's like I just blinked and now he's smiling, laughing, holding toys, and even sitting up for 10 seconds without falling over. WOW!! This is one of his new things. Pointing his little finger like a gun. He does it mostly with his left hand and sometimes with the right.

We also went to a Bees game on the 5th. Lots of firsts for this kid.

 Pretty great seats if you ask me!!

He loves bath time and story time with dad before bed. :) He is so interested in the books!

And this last one for my mom. :) He looks so cute in that Utah red!!!

He changes so fast I can't stand it!!!


  1. I can't believe how much he's changed since your last post. It's so weird what only 3 1/2 months will do. It doesn't seem like Mason was that big and alert at 3 months, but then again it's hard to remember him at that age.
    P.S. You can totally tell he's your son. He looks just like you!

    1. Thanks Kim! He really has changed so much. We need to get some pictures out and compare the two.