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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Chirstmas Ornament Ball Wreath Tutorial

This is my first DIY project since I started the blog so I'm very excited to post it. I wish i would have taken pictures while doing this so I could include a tutorial with it but, unfortunately I forgot! I saw this on Pinterest and I just had to try it. This is the finished project...

What you need:
1. 16 bigger sized balls
2. 40 various sized little little balls
3. 36 medium seized balls
4. pliable wire hanger
5. hot glue gun and glue sticks
6. hand towel to place on the table and keep the balls from moving while you're stringing them on.
7. 2-3 feet of tinsel
8. patience, it'll work out fine just have faith
(You may use less balls than you bought, I did, but I had a few spares when a couple broke from not gluing the tops on. Also if you have less little little ones there will be more room for the medium sized balls, except you might need more tinsel to cover up the gaps in the wire.)

How to:
- First use the hot glue and glue around the tops of the balls so they don't pop off when you string them around. You may not think you need to because they feel pretty secure but TRUST ME! DO IT!! I had a couple pop off.
- Next untwist the hanger and mold it into a circle as best you can. It doesn't need to be perfect because the balls will cover up any bumps in the wire.
- Lay the towel out on the table (or floor depending on your preferred craft spot). and start stringing them on. At first they looked like they would all just hang there and not come out like it looks at the end but if you keep stringing them on and then you get about a fourth of the way through your balls you should be able to scrunch them together and it should start looking fuller and more 3d like. Don't scrunch too hard, that's when a couple broke for me, but hard enough that when you lay the wreath on the towel they stay in place.
- I finished mine by bending the top without the hook in half and just letting it hook around the other end.
- I could see the hanger through all the balls so I used some tinsel between the cracks. I think it was about 2 feet. YOu don't need to stuff it between every ball, just do the front side so it looks all filled in. (no one is going to see the back anyway right).

Sorry there are so many words and not enough pictures to go along with them but I promise next time I'll do better! One more look at the end product. I had Andy hold it up because we don't have a door hanger yet. :)

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