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Friday, October 18, 2013

"F" is for Friday - Factober

The month of October started out pretty great. We had Parker turning 6 months old on October 4th. (I'm a little late. Read why below) YAY! My little boy is growing up so fast I can't believe my eyes. 

Photos: JCPenney

6 things about Bug at 6 months
  1. He is now sitting up very well. He does topple over if he gets distracted or sick of sitting up but he is almost a pro.
  2. While doing tummy time he will turn himself in circles. He can't go forward or backward yet but he will turn his body to see you if you are sitting behind him. It's really fun to watch, or leave the room and come back to find him facing a totally different direction than when you left.
  3. He has rolled from his tummy to back a few times but only when I am not in the room. :( He did finally get the back to tummy the other day. That was super exciting.
  4. He is now drinking just formula. I was exclusively pumping because he would never latch. My supply was getting very low anyway and due to how this week went (keep reading to find out) it just dried up in a few days from all the stress. It is a little bittersweet thinking about him not drinking milk anymore but I love the time I have now that I am not pumping anymore.
  5. He still eats a ton of solids every day. He is now up to 12 oz total. 4 for each meal. He doesn't like the taste of plain oatmeal anymore so I have to mix it with some homemade peaches. He gobbles it right up.
  6. He absolutely loves it whenI sing. It doesn't matter what I sing or how I sing it but he loves it. He   also really likes Katy Perry. :) It is really funny to see him react to when a song of hers is playing. Big smiles, waving arms, kicking legs. It is to die for. 

He was so tired he couldn't even finish his food.

Next we had my 24th birthday on the 7th. I should have realized that week was going to be horrible from the way it started Monday morning. I have a class on Monday mornings so I have to take Parker to my aunt's house. She called and told me she was sick. Bummer! Good thing my sister lives somewhat close. I asked if I could bring him over there during my class. She agreed to watch him and I headed that way. By the time I made it to class I was 20 minutes late. Normally I wouldn't have gone but, it is a 2 hour class so I didn't miss too much. Then I headed back to my sister's place to pick up my little Bug. We stayed at her house until he had his 6 month checkup. He did have to get more shots. :( Poor little guy. The rest of the day was spent trying to make everything perfect so he wouldn't just burt into tears at any second.
Tuesday actually wasn't too bad. We went out to Texas Roadhouse for dinner. Andy and I brought Parker with us so it was his first time out to eat. Didn't go horrible but like anything with a baby it was a little hectic.
Now Wednesday... Here's where the stinky-ness fun begins... My Wednesday sitter was in California so I decided I would stay home from class just this once. We had a WIC (Women, Infant, Children) appointment for Parker and me that afternoon. Once the appointment was over, as I was leaving the building and driving away, we got into a wreck with another lady. :( 

Both drivers and Parker are fine. No major injuries!!! However, our car was non-drivable. BIG BUMMER! That night I was a mess. I was worried about Parker possible being hurt, my own minor injuries, and our groceries for the week. (You see, I had planned a whole outing that afternoon to take care of our weekly errands.) Thankfully Andy's mom was in town and we took Parker to spend the evening with her at his brother's house while I called like a billion people to get things worked out with the car and went to the hospital to get me checked out. I just needed some peace of mind that I was okay. I was fine and just had to take some Ibuprofen for a few days. The rest of the week and most of this week has been consumed by many phone calls to insurance and car repair services. This is why I was a few days late on posting about Bug and I getting older. Here's to hoping the rest of the month ends well. :)


  1. Oh no that is not good that you got in a car crash! It is good to see that everyone was alright! Your son is adorable by the way!

    1. I was so freaked out. It was crazy. I think if it was just me I would have been fine but with Parker in the car I had crazy mom stuff going on. Ha. Thanks!! He looks so much like his father. And thanks so much for reading. :)